Despite our best efforts  the text unfortunately contains some errors that were discovered only after the book was published, and it was too late to correct them. We apologize for these mistakes and encourage others to let us know if you spot any additional errors.

Preface, p xxxii. Acknowledgments: We wish to acknowledge David Steinsaltz (Oxford University) who was also a member of the NIH/NIA P01 program project

Chapter 5, p137, Figure 5.2: X-axis label should be Time (days) rather than Age (days)

References Cited, p430. The correct citations for the papers by Rao and Carey are:

Rao, A. S. R. S., and J. R. Carey. 2014. Generalization of Carey's equality and a theorem on stationary population. Journal of Mathematical Biology 71:583-594.

Rao, A. S. R. S., and J. R. Carey. 2019. On the three properties of stationary populations and knotting with non-stationary populations. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 81:4233-4250.